Legal information

Article 1

The purpose of these "terms and conditions of use" is to establish the legal framework for the provision of MerciCam (the "Website") services and use thereof by the "User".

The terms and conditions of use must be accepted by any User wishing to access the Website. They constitute the agreement entered into between the Website and the User. By accessing the website, the User accepts these terms and conditions of use.

MerciCam reserves the right to unilaterally amend the content of these terms and conditions of use at any time.

The Website offers an online entertainment service which contains representations and descriptions of an explicitly sexual nature.

Article 2: Legal notices

You acknowledge that you are aware of the nature of the content provided by this Website, that you are not offended by this type of content and that you are accessing the Website of your own free will.

You provide evidence that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have the legal capacity to enter into an agreement. If you are not over 18, you must immediately leave the Website and must not use or access the Website or print or download any content from it.

Article 3: Definitions

The purpose of this article is to define the various essential terms of the agreement:

Website: this term means the website with the following url:

User: this term means any person who uses the Website or one of the services proposed by the website.

User Content: the data communicated by the User on the Website.

Member: the User becomes a member when he logs into the Website.

Username and password: all the information necessary for the User to log into the Website. The username and password allow the User to access services reserved for members of the Website. The password is confidential.

Article 4: Services

The Website is a discussion forum reserved for adults. 

The features proposed to members by the website are as follows:

a live chat application which also makes it possible to view the webcams of logged-in members.

the management of a personal account in which members can add photos and/or videos, comment on publications made by other members.

Aside from the following data: email address, password and private messages, all data added by the member to the website is visible to other members. This notably concerns messages exchanged on public forums of the chat application, as well as photos, videos and comments on member personal accounts.

Article 5: Personal Data

The information requested upon subscription to the Website is mandatory and necessary for the creation of a Member account. In particular, the email address may be used by the Website for administration, management and running of the service.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation:

The Website ensures Members that personal data is collected and processed in a manner that protects their privacy. Members are entitled to access, request rectification or erasure or object to the processing of personal data when creating an account. The member can exercise this right by simply writing to the email address or by using the contact form.

Article 6: Regulation

MerciCam is a discussion forum which puts individuals in contact. This requires respectful behaviour from all such individuals. Failure to respect one of the following rules can result in temporary or definitive suspension of access to the website.

  • Politeness, courtesy and respect for others are the basis of all communication.
  • Use of cameras is not obligatory but strongly encouraged due to the nature of the website.
  • Insults are strictly prohibited.
  • Bothering, making life difficult or harassing another Member is strictly prohibited, whether on the chat application during private or public discussions but also via publications on personal accounts.
  • Orders and commands are only authorised if the context permits it and with the consent of the members in question.
  • Use of comments of a sexual nature is only authorised if the context permits it and with the consent of the members in question.
  • Use of rude, shocking or threatening comments is strictly prohibited. This also concerns sexist, racist, homophobic, age-related or appearance-related comments.
  • Advertising or promoting websites is strictly prohibited. 
  • Soliciting is prohibited.
  • Invitations on messaging services such as Skype or WhatsApp, or on social networks such as Facebook are strictly prohibited.
  • The circulation of illegal data, messages or content is strictly prohibited.
  • Sharing photos or videos not belonging to you without the consent of the owner is strictly prohibited.
  • Sharing photos and videos of minors is strictly prohibited.
  • The presence of children, even at a distance, on cameras is strictly prohibited. Members must be vigilant in this respect. Hiding the website on your screen does not stop the diffusion of images via cameras. A feature does make it possible to do so.
  • Photographing, filming or recording the webcams of other members, even for private use, is strictly prohibited.
  • Diffusing images or sequences captured on the website is strictly prohibited.

Article 7: Liability and force majeure

Members must ensure they keep their password secret. Disclosure of your password in any way whatsoever is prohibited.

Members accept the risks related to use of their username and password. The Website does not accept any liability.

Any use of the service by a Member which directly or indirectly causes harm shall give rise to the payment of compensation to the Website.

The Website does not guarantee the complete security or confidentiality of data communicated. Nonetheless, the website undertakes to take all the necessary measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of data.

The Website cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure or an unforeseeable or unavoidable action of a third party. 

Article 9: Evolution of the agreement

The website reserves the right to amend the clauses set forth in this agreement at any time.

Article 10: Term

This agreement is entered into for an indefinite term. The agreement enters into effect as from first use of the service.

Article 11: Governing law and jurisdiction

French law applies to this agreement.

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